The best possible Wi-Fi service

Since its foundation in 2000, Attingo is a pioneer in wireless service provisioning to the travelling internet user.

Managed Service

We focus on the exploding demand for high-bandwidth services and new applications; we transform best-of-breed technologies in an easy to use, secure managed service in which top of class customer care prevails. Airlines, airports and hotels rely on us to serve their valuable customers in their VIP lounges and lobbies.

Location Based Services

Wireless networks are a valuable source for marketing and management data. We utilize our Wi-Fi networks to develop Location Based Services for our customers; engage passengers with targeted information directly to their mobile devices or implement track and trace solutions in lounges and lobbies.

Full stack software development

We have in-house expertise in the full modern development stack. We use it to take our services to the next level.


Attingo has its fundaments in a team of very enthusiastic, complementary people with a strong, industry proven background in their respective fields of expertise.

Attingo is a Latin word meaning: to touch, to reach, to be connected with.
Our services give this word a new sense in our modern world.